Writer of Contemporary & Fantasy Romance Novels

Writer of Contemporary & Fantasy Romance Novels

Writer of Contemporary & Fantasy Romance NovelsWriter of Contemporary & Fantasy Romance Novels

About Me


Hi There!

I've enjoyed curling up with a good book all of my life. They make me lose sleep, feel emotions I don't necessarily want to feel, piss me off because the answer is RIGHT there in front of them, and make me so incredibly happy.  I hurt for people who aren't real, and thrill for their imaginary acheivements. Books open worlds to me that I might never see if I lived a thousand lifetimes. 

These days some of my happiest moments are those with a book in my hand and an Irish Wolfhound in my lap--and yes, they do fit--they make it work.  


Who I Am?

Isn't that the billion dollar question? If it helps, I'm not the furry gray one. Although that could be debatable some days.  I've come late to writing. I'd like to say "fashionably late," but like many people, I think I just found my stride later in life.  I have one short story published and have made the finals twice in the Orange Rose Contest sponsored by the Orange County Chapter of RWA. My main focus right now is Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Romance.  I do have a day job because for some strange reason the bank wants me to pay the mortgage--they are so unreasonable...


Join My Journey

The Christmas Present, my debut contemporary novel, was released on Amazon in e-book format November 29th with the paperback print on demand version following December 12th--just in time for an easy Christmas read.  

I'm very grateful to my tribe--the family and friends I love, who support me and believe in me--and the magic of stories.